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Isabelle Sees Potential in Every Property

In addition to acting as a full-service real estate broker, Isabelle also runs her own staging company. She started her company because she realized many sellers could not afford the high cost of staging, but wanted to take advantage of the added benefits. To provide her clients with the concierge experience, Isabelle offers complimentary staging services to her sellers. Her company also stages for many other brokers as well. With her keen sense of design and ability to make the most of any space, Isabelle can help you showcase your property to attract buyers and net higher offers on your home.

You only have one shot at a great first impression

From helping rooms seem more spacious to defining the purpose or function of ambiguous spaces in the house, professional staging will highlight a property’s best features, an investment that is well worth it.

The impression buyers get of your property’s online listing will likely be the deciding factor of whether or not they will tour your house. I always keep this in mind when staging a listing, and work to create enticing staged spaces that will photograph well and bring buyers to your property. These benefits and more are the reason why I offer complimentary staging to all my clients.

Not only does my staging service help the listing stand out in marketing materials and in person, data indicates that staged houses sell much faster and at a higher price (between 4-7%) than their unstaged counterparts. It’s not that buyers pays more for staged homes per say. There is a simpler explanation. The way to get a higher selling price is to create competition, desirability, and a sense of urgency for buyers to place an offer. The way to accomplish this is to drive as many potential buyers as possible to your property in a short amount of time. Buyers start their search online. Upstaged by Isabelle makes your online listing seamless!

Along with my intuition for how to best stage and showcase a house, my team and I also provide clients with personalized lists of effective property improvements that offer high returns on investment. Part of my concierge service is guiding my clients through any necessary repairs or renovations (including sourcing the contractors and supervising the work!) so that when the property is listed, it provokes instant high level of interest and buyers bring their highest and best offer forward!







See what Isabelle’s clients are saying

Isabelle understands the market. She knows what buyers want. Isabelle worked for me on 2 occasions. I purchased a house through Isabelle and I sold a house though Isabelle. To me selling a house is the most difficult part of a real estate agent job. She staged the house and guided me as to what items I needed to change in the house to help it sell. I followed her advice and the house sold with 2 days. Isabelle does the following very well. 1. Knows what buyers and sellers want. 2. Evaluates the market to get the house listed at the correct price to sell ( nothing worse than a house sitting on the market for a long time ) 3. Advises on what upgrades to make that will get the best return when selling a house. 4. Stages the house 5. Puts together a really great sales proposal that targets the correct buyers and sellers.”

Isabelle helped us in preparing the house for sale. She suggested removing old carpet to show hardwoods, helped pick colors to repaint the main floor and did complimentary staging that really was amazing. She was very attentive to details. When we had questions, she always got back to us with the answer in a timely manner. We were very pleased we chose her to be our realtor and can highly recommend her.”

I write this letter of recommendation for Isabelle Dowling. I hired Isabelle in May 2015 to represent the sale of my home. I had previously listed my home two separate times, with two different agents and both of those agents were unsuccessful in selling my home in a sellers' market! From the day I met Isabelle, I knew I had met an agent of a higher caliber than my previous realtors. She met me at my home, walked through the rooms and immediately drew up a plan for how to best present my home. She worked arduously to make my home look better than it ever had. She marketed to investors, something the two other agents didn’t think of. She knew that my home could be converted to 2 rental units or Airbnb, since my home had two floors & two kitchens. I loved working with her! Isabelle brought me 3 offers and my home sold in 5 days above asking price. She has he finger on the pulse of the real-estate market and knows exactly how to best market a home for sale. Anyone who gets this woman to represent the sale of their home will be lucky indeed. Please feel free to contact me if you feel the need for further information regarding Isabelle.”


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