Elevate Your Practice with a Complimentary Comparative Market Analysis for your clients.


How Isabelle Can Help

A Broker since 2003, Isabelle Dowling has developed an impeccable eye for seeing the potential in a property. Her expertise includes staging homes for maximum return on investment and providing in-depth Comparative Market Analyses with pinpoint accuracy when it comes to evaluating a home’s true value. For more on Isabelle’s experience and services, please see below.

I would appreciate the opportunity to become a part of your network and help you enhance the value you provide to your clients, I would love to help by providing your clients precise and accurate CMA based on relevant market data.


How I can be helpful to Family Attorneys

I understand firsthand the complicated and emotional circumstances of any divorce proceeding, and I want to offer to help your clients with one of the more cumbersome aspects: determining an accurate value for the family home via a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis.

I can serve as a resource to help simplify the process.

I have extensive experience in preparing Comparative Market Analyses for clients who are going through a divorce. In a typical CMA for a seller, I provide an optimal list price as a starting point, knowing that a transaction may ultimately close for more given the multiple-offer scenarios that are now common in the Seattle market. For a client going through a divorce, I do additional research and work to adjust the CMA to reflect the ultimate selling price of a house.

This service is different from a traditional appraisal, which covers the replacement value of a house. A CMA I prepare can identify a projected sales price with pinpoint accuracy. I have been going through a divorce proceeding myself, I approach the families going through the process with sensitivity and respect.


How I can be helpful to Estate Attorneys

When settling the details of an estate, family members are faced with a long list of complicated and difficult tasks. Prior to real estate, I have 22 years of experience owning a business working with a guardian  preparing estate properties and getting them ready for market. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve as a knowledgeable resource for clients who are looking to you for help with estate matters.

By preparing a complimentary Comparative Market Analysis, I can help determine the accurate value of a home.

If other family members continue to reside in the home, the CMA can be a useful tool for the estate process. If circumstances change in the future and a family decides that it is time to sell the home, I can provide a full package of estate services, ranging from conducting estate sales to drawing on my network of trusted professionals for cleaning and renovation/repairs.

How I can be helpful to Financial Advisers & Wealth Managers

When you help your clients plan to achieve their short and long-term financial goals, knowing the value of their homes and investment properties – often their most valuable assets – plays an important role. I would love to help in determining the true value of and equity in your clients’ real estate assets, be they residential, investment, or commercial. of my estate services center on respecting the family’s wishes.

Developing Long-Term
Relationships & Providing Resources

I have the experience and expertise to give you an accurate Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) based on market data and comparable properties. Services such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia are often inaccurate because their valuations are based on all the properties that have sold in a particular area. They compare the subject property, which they have not seen, to other properties they also have not seen.

These computer-generated valuations don’t take into account the quality of the finishes, the flow of the floor plan, amenities, the front and back yard, what surrounds the property, curb appeal and many other factors – all things that have a substantial impact on the value.

I would love to help by providing your clients precise and accurate CMA based on relevant market data. I am interested in developing long-term relationship and providing resources, let me know how I can help!

I have used Isabelle’s services many times with fantastic results. At the start of each case, where there is real property at issue, I have Isabelle do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) so I have an idea of the value of the house at the time of separation. This is also something an appraiser can use later when trying to determine the appraised value at the time of separation. Appraisals can be very expensive, between $700 and $1,200, with many clients not wanting to spend that amount of money when they can obtain a complimentary CMA from Isabelle. In my opinion the CMA provides a better idea of the value of the home as it is comparing the market and homes in the area. Isabelle’s CMA’s have been extremely useful in my mediations as well as trials.

Erica Knauf Santos

I had been supervising the care of my two elderly parents for several years when my mother passed away and I began gathering information to establish the value of their estate. I walked into the local Windermere Realty office hoping to hire someone to do an evaluation of my parent's home and was introduced to Isabelle Dowling. Isabelle offered to do a CMA without charge, only asking in return that I think of her when it came time to sell in the future. Isabelle created a CMA portfolio that I supplied to my estate attorney. I remembered Isabelle after my father’s passing and contacted her to evaluate and list their residence. Isabelle graciously created another CMA for me, helped prep, staged, and listed their home, which sold in a few days well above the asking price.

Bill Wright